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Home additions are a great way to transform your home and give you the necessary space for a growing family, accommodating guests, or improve functionality and comfort.

By expanding your kitchen or bathroom, adding a room, or second story, you can greatly add to your usable square footage. Sometimes, even a small addition can make a difference by making your bathroom feel way more spacious.

Room and second story addition, Embro, ON

At Mogk Carpentry, we can help you with any addition, no matter the size or scope. As a full-service company, we have the expertise to handle every aspect of your addition project from start to finish. This means you don't need to hire a different contractor for each task. Instead, our fully licensed and insured team will take care of everything, starting with the building plans and finishing with electricity and plumbing.

Before we start expanding your home, we'll take time to learn all we can about your wants, goals, and needs. This approach allows us to create a beautiful and functional space you can enjoy for years. We're dedicated to transforming your home while making the entire process smooth and stress-free.

Explore the project's gallery to view some of our home addition projects. Whether you're looking to add a single room, expand your kitchen or bathroom, or add another bedroom, our dedicated team is fully prepared to transform your home.

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Home addition, Embro, ON

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Room and second story addition, Embro, ON
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